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Odenthal Camera Mount

Odenthal Tuff-Kase Camera Case - GoPro Cameras

Odenthal Tuff-Kase Camera Case - GoPro Cameras

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Odenthal Tuff-Kase for GoPro Hero Cameras 9, 10, 11 with Wire Tether, Anti Twist Screw, Key Ring/

The Odenthal Tuff-Case Camera Mount must be used with the Odenthal Anti-Vibration Isolator. SOLD SEPARATELY. 


The TUFF-KASE's innovative design allows it to be paired perfectly with the new EZGP anti-vibration isolator from Odenthal, ensuring you get the smoothest and most reliable footage, free of vibration errors.

To enhance safety and convenience, each TUFF-KASE comes with a key ring and wire tether. Please note, for optimal performance, the TUFF-KASE must be used with the new Camera Mount Isolator (sold separately), and can be easily added to the Odenthal Camera Mount.

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