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Briggs LO206 - Slide Tools

Briggs LO206 - Slide Tools

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Slide Color

LO206 Tech Tool for Red, Green, Blue and Yellow Carburetor Slides.

Red - Go 0.435" / No Go Max 0.440"

Green - Go 0.485" / No Go Max 0.490"

Blue - Go 0.515" / No Go Max 0.520"

Yellow - Go 0.565" / No Go Max 0.570"

To get maximum legal performance you need to make sure the slide opens to the maximum.

These Go-No-Go gauges are .005" smaller than the maximum on one end and right on the maximum on the other end.

These are for reference only, always have the Track Tech Team check your slide before competition.

Each Color Sold Individually.


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