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CZ Chain

CZ 219 O-Ring Chain

CZ 219 O-Ring Chain

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Available in 104 & 106 Link Length.

Stemming from the very long tradition of the CZ chain factory (since 1929), the CZ 219 o-ring is a chain with O-rings that is manufactured with high-tech processes that ensures an extraordinary service life.

This chain has been developed to result in the delivery of a very high quality product for karting users all over the world. The raw materials are simply from the best German and Austrian steel mills (the best in the world in fact!) and the manufacturing processes such as: stamping, heat treatment, assembly with quality control and automatic pre-tensioning are entirely carried out in the CZ plant in Strakonice in the Czech Republic. The pins are specially treated and receive an incredibly hard surface finish, which explains the very high dynamic strength. The lubrication procedure, including the use and testing of the lubricants used, is also part of CZ's know-how.

This know-how has been developed over many years and applied to the group's "high performance" products.


  • Standard O-ring chain


  • Hobby market
  • Junior and Senior Competition (training and races) -> Engine of maximum 30HP


  • First, attach the motor to the chassis and align the front sprocket and rear sprocket perfectly
  • Loosen the motor to place the chain without any stress on the sprocket and sprocket to prevent damage to the chain and its O-rings
  • Perform tensioning, the clearance should be 10 to 15mm at any point. If the tension is uneven, check the front sprocket and rear sprocket. Use an engine reversing device (also known as an engine tensioner)
  • With a new chain, it's best to use a new sprocket and sprocket


  • Use a very high quality chain grease, which does not damage the O-rings. The chain must remain lubricated even after prolonged use
  • Lubrication should preferably be carried out a significant amount of time before each session
  • All parts of the chain must be lubricated: links and axles. Also lubricate the rear crown, with centrifugal force the grease will become lodged in the chain during use.
  • Do not apply lubricant to a damp or dusty chain. In this case, blow the chain with compressed air before lubrication.
  • Never use chemicals to clean the chain: they can drastically remove shaft lubrication and/or damage the O-rings.


  • Before use, check that the chain is not shiny (lubrication problem in previous sessions) and that the rollers are not damaged or cracked
  • Also check that there are no missing O-rings. A single missing O-ring can cause the chain to break.
  • A chain with any of these defects should be replaced.
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